Greek Elections 2.0: The Free Shit Revolution

Another Greek election, another bout of absurdity.  Earth to Greeks; your country is no longer sovereign.  You no longer decide your country’s fate, at least not without war.  So, stop holding elections!  Is there really some massive shift in sentiment that must be gauged?  The Greeks are presented with two options: 1) outsiders and austerity, or 2) insiders and anti-austerity.  Some are suggesting that the once left Syrzia party has turned “far right” (turning to fascism is turning far-left, not far-right – see Fascism is NOT Far Right) by bowing to pro-austerity, pro-banker, outsiders, the Troika (IMF, ECB and EC).  The only other choice, again absent war, is to bow to the internal forces of anti-austerity, or pro-privileged, and unsustainable failed Socialist policies.  Internal or external, anti-austerity or austerity, Fascist mandates of non-elected privileged special interest groups are presented as the only options.  Either way, they are moving further left, not right, on The Road to Serfdom.

This vote is pointless.  A group of privileged Greeks within the older generations, and those that chose to finance the plundering, have profited from the Greek version of Democratic Socialism and are holding on desperately to the status quo.  It is important, however, to point out that not all Greeks are privileged, and many are suffering.  You can only elevate so many people above and beyond what they would otherwise achieve, without infringing on others.  It cannot be done alone.  No, it takes many others within that generation and many future generations to support a group endowed with such privilege. (See Austerity)  In The Coming Civil Wars, I explore the reality that Greece’s enemies are not outside its borders:

Young Greeks can have their votes, all the referendums they want.  They can kick out all of the outsiders – the Germans, the IMF, the evil bankers.  But, in the end, they will find that their true enemy, the real problem, is behind their own proverbial front door.

What history seems to show, is that Socialism only works for a handful of generations.  If balanced budgets were adopted as part of national constitutions, it wouldn’t last for one.  But, no “developed countries” have been operating on a balanced budget, instead opting for the, “in the long run we are all dead so let’s party now” doctrine advocated by Keynes.  Well, Keynes did not exactly advocate that, he advocated paying down the debt in good times.  But, hey, when there’s a party raging, enslaving future generations so you don’t have to work doesn’t seem all that bad of an idea, for the ones not working that is, not future generations.

I find it highly amusing, BTW, that a party like Syrzia is considered “revolutionary”.  Robert the Bruce, was truly revolutionary in leading Scotland to independence from England.  Marx and Lenin were revolutionary (if not completely wrong on all levels) for creating the “working man” revolution.  The founding fathers of the United States were revolutionary for eradicating an imperial power.  Anarchists most certainly could be considered revolutionary for wanting to rid the world of government completely.  Going hat-in-hand to international bankers and other countries begging for money to keep their former bureaucrats and privileged transfer payment recipients in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to, hardly qualifies as a revolutionary act.  Wanting others to provide you with a bunch of free shit just simply does not qualify.  But then, maybe I’m wrong.  And, just maybe, 200 years from now children will learn of the “revolutionary” free-shit army of Greeks who enslaved a youthful rebellion of rabble-rousers and convinced countries the world over to grant them their, self-bestowed, wishes of plenty.  Only time will tell.

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