Carrier: The Tariff Issue

In February, 2016, Carrier, a subsidiary of United Technologies, announced it was relocating its Indianapolis, Indiana, manufacturing facility to Monterrey, Mexico.  The move would occur over a three-year period, but baring not even a miracle, it would occur.  That is, until it became a political issue.  This announcement was used as a lightening rod for the … More Carrier: The Tariff Issue

Stockman VS Friedman

My interest in economics was sparked by watching old interviews and talks given by Milton Friedman in the 1960’s up through his death in 2006.  I have gone on to read several of his books and papers, which I plan to include in a complete bibliography on this site, which served as an initial foundation … More Stockman VS Friedman

Should We Go Back to a Gold Standard?

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION, SEPTEMBER 8, 2015 REVISED, SUBSTANTIALLY UPDATED AND REPUBLISHED, OCTOBER 31, 2016 PREFACE Since first publishing the following composition I embarked on further, and exhaustive, study related to the history of money, banking and the gold standard.  If you are coming to the topic of a gold standard for the first time, or have … More Should We Go Back to a Gold Standard?


ORIGINAL PUBLICATION DATE, JULY 14, 2015 SUBSTANTIALLY REVISED, UPDATED AND REPUBLISHED, OCTOBER 30, 2016 What is austerity?  Prior to the term being hijacked by government propagandists, being austere was a moral virtue.  When in financial trouble, debt, one must cut spending and pass through a period of austerity until the burden has passed. That might mean no … More Austerity