Rise of the Fair Trade Charlatans

A charlatan is defined as a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.  Synonyms?  Quack, sham, impostor, hoaxer, cheat, deceiver, double-dealer, swindler.  Take your pick in describing Commerce nominee Wilbur Ross.  Mr. Ross is claiming that he, and his soon-to-be new boss, President-elect Trump, are, by edict, going to bring prosperity … More Rise of the Fair Trade Charlatans

PBGC: Government In the Insurance Business…This Can’t Be Good!

Do you live in the United States?  Do you pay federal taxes?  I realize that excludes many Americans so if you don’t, you can move along, nothing to see here.  If you do, you may be interested in what one particular federal government agency, Congress and private unions are planning.  Spoiler alert, this one might sting … More PBGC: Government In the Insurance Business…This Can’t Be Good!

UBI Revisited

Today, we are revisiting the topic of “UBI”, or Universal Basic Income (see my prior post, The Basic Income Guarantee of Failure).  The push behind UBI is nothing short of spectacular in size and scope.  A search of UBI, not a “new” idea, will list enough results to keep you reading for a while, and … More UBI Revisited

Carrier: The Tariff Issue

In February, 2016, Carrier, a subsidiary of United Technologies, announced it was relocating its Indianapolis, Indiana, manufacturing facility to Monterrey, Mexico.  The move would occur over a three-year period, but baring not even a miracle, it would occur.  That is, until it became a political issue.  This announcement was used as a lightening rod for the … More Carrier: The Tariff Issue