A Private Solution to Transgender Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

Milton Churchill fully supports the rights of transgenders.  They should be at liberty to live their life in whatever way they please.  It is also the right of women to have their privacy and to feel comfortable in their most vulnerable circumstances.  Neither of these rights, however, should override the right of property owners, building and business owners, to decide the policy they wish to follow within their own property.

The solution to transgender restrooms and locker rooms is to let each property owner decide for themselves how their facilities are arranged and how they accommodate their customer/users, visitors or employees. Customers, employees or visitors can vote with their feet and/or wallet if they do not like the set-up, and the property owner will suffer the consequences, or reap the benefits, of their decisions.

Unfortunately, our current legal regime effectively, and practically, precludes and forfeits private ownership of any property in favor of national and state government-owned property.  School systems, particularly relevant in this manner, where citizens are heavily burdened by local taxes to pay for the exorbitant cost of state government schooling, parents and students that feel uncomfortable or disagree with the arrangement of locker rooms and restrooms, often times have no choice due to financial considerations.  This calls for a private property solution and the elimination of compulsory taxation as a means for financing goods and services including, but not limited to, schooling.


Surprise, surprise; the U.S. Department of Labor solution is different than the Milton Churchill solution U.S. DOL Restroom Access for Transgender Workers

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